It’s time to level the playing field with our Digital Complementary Currency. With every transaction using our digital complementary currency, you are playing your part in adding value to your local community. Pay with Letscoin and take your place as a stakeholder in a better financial future for all.

Our Local Exchange Trading System uses Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence to provide a platform that is intuitive, fair, ethical and stable. The Letscoin network is a springboard into a better economic ecosystem that benefits everyone.

The Letscoin eWallet is a quick, simple and convenient way to pay, and every time you use this digital complementary currency to buy from local businesses you are boosting your local economy and investing in your community.


Vision Without a Strategy
Remains an
Our Mission
We have a big mission. We want to change the way we create and use money. By giving people the ability to exchange digital cash directly with one another we are encouraging sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses.
Our Vision
We believe that change starts at the local level and spreads to the top. That’s why our vision of transforming the global economic landscape begins with local communities. We are driving a global change in the economy and the meaning of money from the wallet up.
Our Strategy
We believe in local. The power of digital complementary currencies is that they bring local consumers and businesses together around a common goal, strengthening communities and fuelling the local economy – now, and into the future. It's time for a Letscoin revolution.
How does

“Lets” stands for Local Exchange Trading Systems. These systems have successfully been around for years. We feel that it’s high time we all become participants that contributes towards more sustainable economic growth for everyone. That’s why we’ve created Letscoin.

A Local Exchange Trading System is a local economic system created to easily allow its members to exchange goods and services amongst themselves, much like a Barter System. Letscoin is a bit different because it uses a digital complementary currency, which makes it easier, more secure and simpler to spend your hard earned money. Simply use the Letscoin App to convert your money into Letscoin, and instantly experience it’s benefits for yourself.